La Porte Urban Enterprize Association

The La Porte Urban Enterprise Association (LPUEA) is a 501 (c) 3 not-for-profit organization which serves as the governing body of the La Porte Urban Enterprise Zone. The Association acts as a liaison among Zone residents, businesses and the City of La Porte for any development activity and programs that affect the Zone and its residents.

Board Of Directors

Mike Riehle


La Porte Economic Advancement Partnership

Bert Cook

Vice President

La Porte Economic Advancement Partnership

Merle Miller


Zone Resident

Tracy Connors

Board Member

American Licorice

Marti Swanson

Board Member

Swanson & Swanson Insurance

Cassie Kubaszyk

Board Member

Zone resident

Laura Cutler

Board Member

City Council Representative

Frank Cardello

Board Member

Packaging Logic

Jerry Cooley

Board Member

Labor Representative

Matt Saltatanovitz

Indiana Economic Development Corporation

Jim Pressel

State Representative

UEA Boundary Map

Zone Programs and Incentives


The LPUEA offers three categories of incentives:

  1. To Zone businesses to encourage investment and reinvestment in their businesses.
  2. To individual residents residing and working in the Zone.
  3. To lenders to encourage lending to Zone entities.

Investment Deduction

Zone businesses can receive a tax deduction for the increased value of a business property due to a real and personal property investment by the business. The added valuation may be deducted for up to 10 years. Examples of “qualified investments” include: purchase or construction of new or existing building, purchase of new manufacturing or production equipment, costs associated with repair or modernization of an existing building, or onsite infrastructure improvements.

Investment Cost Credit

An individual investing equity in a Zone business may be eligible to receive a credit of up to 30% of the investment against their State income tax liability. The percentage of the credit varies depending upon the type of investment, the type of business and the number of jobs created by the investment.

Employee Expense Credit

Employers operating a business in the Zone may apply a 10% credit to its State adjusted gross income tax, insurance premium tax and financial institution tax liabilities for the increase in wages paid to qualified Zone resident employees, up to $1,500 per employee

Employee Tax Deduction

Qualified employees who live and work in the Zone are entitled to a State tax deduction equal to one-half of their adjusted State gross income, up to $7,500. A qualified employee is an individual whose principal place of residence is in the Zone, who works 50% of their time for a Zone business and has at least 90% of their service directly related to the employer’s Zone business

Business Grant Program

Zone businesses are eligible for a matching grant program offered throughout a given calendar year. Grants are given up to 50% of the total project cost or $10,000 and can be applied to most exterior improvements. This grant is a reimbursement grant and funded at project completion. Note–Roofs are not considered in this program. Applications must be received by the 3rd of the month to be considered at that months Board Meeting.

Community Enhancement Grant Program

Organizations are awarded grants each year for activities and events that are executed within the Urban Enterprise Zone. Grant amounts are considered based upon event participation in amounts up to $500 per event and per year. The purpose of the Community Enhancement Grant is to create activity and engagement within the community inside the LPUEA zone.


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Phone: 219-324-8584
Address: 605 Michigan Avenue
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