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Thaddeus Cutler


Laura Cutler


What is the Visual Art Council?

The Visual Arts Council of La Porte (VAC) is a group of art professionals and individuals dedicated to promoting visual arts with an understanding of the arts’ expansive role in community development and economic growth. In response to the growing desire for public art in the City of La Porte, VAC fundraised over $60,000 and engaged nationally renowned multi-media artist Tom Torluemke for the design, development and installation of a 108 foot  mural in  Plaza 618.

Tom Torluemke is an Indiana based, contemporary American artist. His practice spans 30 years and includes works in painting, drawing, sculpture and installations in a variety of mediums. With over 20 public art commissions throughout the Midwest, they serve as a testament to the relevance and scope of his ideas, and his ability to present them in a meaningful context within their communities.

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Address: 809 Washington Street
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