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“Great people and a Great place for networking and meeting the wonderful businesses supporting our community.”

Sarah A. Carreras

“La Porte Economic Advancement Partnership has been such a great asset to our community! They have been so involved in supporting new business development for La Porte. The development adds so much value to our community in the form of new jobs as well as visitors and new residents looking for a place to live. They were very active this past summer with several planned community activities and fun street parties that give the community something fun, new and exciting to attend socially. I am looking forward to seeing what this great group of community-minded individuals do for us next! That you all for what you do for La Porte!”

Jeaniene Emerick

“The Northwest Indiana Forum is a proud partner with the La Porte Economic Advancement Partnership. Their team of dedicated professionals work hard to enhance the quality of life in the City of La Porte. Their commitment to business development to new and existing businesses is a model of how to successfully complete projects for community improvement.”

Raeann Trakas

“LEAP is an excellent community partner and an exceptional resource for any business owner. If you own or run a business in La Porte, I advise contacting this organization to find out how they can help your small or large business.”

Nate Loucks

“LEAP continues to impress the business community by providing unique and meaningful connection and support opportunities. Their ability to quickly adapt to the changing environment to service area businesses is impressive. Consistent meaningful community workshops allow business-minded individuals the opportunity to learn and connect with one another on a regular basis.”

Bill Gertner

“Love this place.”

Tammy Pezzuto

“Erik has always followed through with me and is willing to help with any of my business needs. He has connected me with numerous employees that have been valuable to my restaurant.”

Chip Steffey

Trattoria Enzo

“LEAP is a perfect mix of strategy and relationship building that makes a community grow. Excellent leadership and excellent team members; makes you want to keep coming back to do business in the community! Go LEAP!”

Julie Collier

“LEAP has enriched and motivated the community to the upmost. They continue to strive to make La Porte the place to live. Thank you!”

Reprographic Arts

“Loving everything LEAP is doing to make La Porte a better home! They do a trememdous job of working with local business to help them thrive in our community by valuing strategic partnership. I have found Bert Cook and his team to be thoughtful listeners who do a wonderful job finding win-win scenarios. Excited to see them continue to make an impact with their great work in NewPorte Landing and throughout town. Thanks LEAP!”

JT McDermott

“LEAP has been such a benefit for me and my business. 3 years ago I was starting as a financial representative and building my business. I didn’t really know how to do that or where to begin. I got connected to LEAP and they were always there to help. Now I am chair of the La Porte Young Professionals group for LEAP and I have met so many great people along the way. Thank you so much LEAP.”

Kurtis Iseminger

“LEAP is a fantastic community partner and a great resource for any business owner. If you own or run a business in La Porte I highly recommend contacting this organization.”

Tim Franke

“What a great organization to work with! As a local business owner, I’m happy and fortunate to be able to partner with an organization such as LEAP. They have a great team of people that help our local businesses be successful and a great vision for helping our community grow.”

Adam Konieczny

“The LEAP team is made up of MVPs for attracting and growing business in La Porte and Northwest Indiana. Bert Cook, Mike Riehle and the team are crucial partners for making La Porte the Hub of Awesome.”

Blair Milo for Indiana

“LEAP has made such a positive impact in our area. The connections they provide help build relationships both professionally and personally. Bert and his team are friendly, supportive and knowledgeable in the areas of economic advancement and community engagement.”

Julie West

“LEAP is a phenomenal resource for businesses looking to locate in the City of La Porte. It does not matter if you are a local business or international, you will receive the same support and guidance through the necessary channels. They are extremely knowledgeable and will make the process as seamless as possible.”

Jessica Burke

“As a business and real estate attorney in La Porte County, I routinely have clients that are looking for a resource that can help them get their project across the finish line. Without hesitation, I put them in touch with the people at LEAP as I know they are a referral I can trust.”

Anthony Novak

“Incredible team of dedicated individuals looking to grow and improve the City of La Porte.”

Jessica Bruder

“We are so thankful for the support LEAP provides to our community! We are La Porte Proud!”

Jessica Patrick Granger

“Very thankful for LEAP and their staff! My businesses would not be where they are today without the help and resources LEAP provides.”

Carrie Campbell

“LEAP is one of the greatest things to ever happen to our city! It has provided growth for business that has been long overdue and has made Downtown La Porte a destination people want to frequent. Also, they ahve been a big part in helping my small business land jobs and succeed in growing with all the opportunities they have provided! If you have a big or small business, I urge you to join their organization or at least reach out and talk to them about what’s going, coming or happening in our beautiful city! Thank you LEAP!”

Brent Samford

“LEAP is innovative, growth-oriented and fun to work with. Entrepreneurs need support and a sense of community to thrive. LEAP provides both.”

Trudy Menke

“LEAP has helped my small businessess connect with the La Porte community in tangible ways and I’m very thankful for their proactive outreach with ideas that actually make a difference!”

Ben Konowitz

“The La Porte Economic Advancement Partnership is an organization committed to move the City of La Porte and the region forward. Bert Cook and his team are some of the best partners in the business. Companies looking to locate in Northwest Indiana or grow in La Porte are lucky to have the knowledge and dedication of this group. I cannot thank them enough for their help in regional economic development.”

Heather Ennis

“LEAP is an essential group in the City of La Porte. This team of creative, smart, talented individuals are truly making an impact in our region and helping the community and business owners in their city thrive. Keep up the great work LEAP!”

Jennifer Craig-Brown

“LEAP is a wonderful organization to work with! They are always available to talk and do an excellent job supporting their members on social media, print media, at city meetings and in the community.”

Dawn Zigler

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